Request a Tour or Information


We welcome you to St. Jude School and invite you to become a part of our community. Please direct your admissions inquiries to Admissions Director, Nancy Byrne, at (423) 877-6022 or Families are invited to come and tour the school once an appointment has been scheduled.



Admission packets will be mailed to all interested parties beginning in January each year, for the next school year.  Before a child’s application can be considered, the following information must be in the school office:

  1. A copy of the current report card.
  2. A copy of your child’s most recent standardized test scores.  This may be obtained from your child’s school or you may have a copy at home.  The type of test is not important (it can be the Terra Nova, Stanford, California Achievement, Iowa Basics, etc.); what is important is that it is a nationally normed test.
  3. The Pre-Registration card in the Admission packet completed and returned with the $45.00 fee.
  4. Reservation form for Parent Orientation/Student Visitation must be completed and returned AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE SELECTED DAY.  An interview will be done while the student is here.