As a parent of a 3rd grader (Keaton) and a former alum of St. Jude (back in the Stone Ages) I am especially appreciative to have an opportunity to serve on the school committee and help mold and shape the future of St. Jude School.  The education and foundation that it gave me in my most formative years has served me quite well in my career, my family life, my circle of friends and most importantly my spiritual walk with God and Jesus.  Many of the spiritual practices that I learned in school I continue today and try my best to pass along to my son.  My wife, who was not raised Catholic, joined the church after attending for years and I was able to hearken back to my religious schooling as her sponsor and helped explain to her the various beliefs, rituals and practices that we as Catholics profess.  She, in turn, later felt called to teach these same principles to students at St. Jude where she taught middle-school until May of this year. 
Today's St. Jude School still offers the same religious, moral and ethical teaching that supported and formed my youth but combines it with proven, evidence-based teaching methods and a staff whose dedication is unmatched anywhere.  I desire to see the school continue to grow and prosper so that one day perhaps my son's children can call St. Jude their school home as well. 
Glenn Czarnecki, MPA
Regional Director, Tennessee Department of Health, Southeast Region
St. Jude School Alum