Marcia Harris, Director, St. Jude School Aftercare Program

We would like to welcome you to the St. Jude Aftercare Program and thank you for entrusting your child(ren) to our care. We are a Christ centered program striving to maintain a positive atmosphere where the children can learn to take responsibility for their actions as they make choices to do homework, play, and use their imaginations.  We look forward to working with your child(ren) during the school year.


Eligibility: Children Pre-K through 8th grade attending St. Jude School (Children MUST be signed up in Aftercare by their first day of participation.)

Calendar/Times: Regular school days 2:45-6:00, Wednesday 1:45-6:00 and Half days.  More information and sign up details will follow regarding specific school breaks and days off.

Goals: To create a caring, loving, enjoyable and safe environment for each of your children. To give you as parents and guardians the confidence that your child is being well cared for in an atmosphere that promotes the use of time for study, reading, and self-development through play and interaction with others.

Discipline: The children are expected to use proper manners and show respect, common courtesy, and consideration for their fellow classmates and staff.  The school policies are our guideline. Physical and/or verbal abuse will NOT  be tolerated. In Aftercare, we have a 3 strikes policy. After the third strike your child will be unable to participate in our program.

Gear: Children need to have the appropriate outerwear for outdoor play. Water bottles are a must.

Pick up: All children MUST be signed out and will not be released to anyone not listed on the application unless notified in writing or by phone. For proper billing, it is very important that you include the correct pick up time when signing out.

Communication: We Renweb for posting accounts and to communicate via email. Please make sure the information on Renweb is current. This is our only form of communication. You can reach Aftercare by calling or texting Marcia Harris @ 423-834-4668 or by email @


2:50-3:30 - All school age children will meet in the cafeteria for snack. Pre-schoolers remain in the preschool/nursery rooms for snack.



  • Kindergarten students will not do homework during Aftercare since we are unable to provide the 1 on 1 assistance that is often needed. They will participate in playtime.
  • Grades 1 – 4 will be given up to 45 minutes to do their homework and will then participate in playtime.
  • Grades 5 – 8 will be given up to 90 minutes to do their homework and will then participate in playtime.

We do our best to give the children a place to begin or even complete homework but it is up to your child to come to Aftercare prepared with their supplies. 

Our daily schedule depends greatly upon the weather. There will be times we go outside before doing homework. Between 4:00-5:30 your child(ren) may be in the Gym. I will use the white board set-up between pre-school doors to post where children can be located. Please remember that we have to be very flexible with these times and places because of other activities that are scheduled by the school and church.

Rates: Yearly Application Fee - $20/family


Monday - Friday, 3:00 - 6:00 pm (2:00 - 6:00 pm on Wednesday)

1 Child - $10/day

2 Children - $17/day

3 children - $22/day

Full Day, 7:30 am - 6:00 pm (Days when school is not in session)

1 Child - $20/day

2 Children - $35/day

3 Children - $45/day

Short Stay - Up to One Hour Total


PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow children to call parents to make arrangements for play dates, and ask that parents make such arrangements before picking up their child(ren). I do take phone calls or texts for proper release or emergencies. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT CONTACT NUMBERS BE KEPT UP-TO-DATE.

Thank you again for your cooperation and willingness to let us serve you and care for your child(ren).


  1. Complete your family, emergency and medical information on Renweb.
  2. Complete the Aftercare Registration and Permission to Treat Form.