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Diocese of Knoxville - Parent Letter, Summer, 2014
May 27, 2014

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s): As the 2013-2014 school year comes to an end, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your support and faith in our Catholic schools as evidenced by your willingness to partner with us in the education of your children. I celebrate and rejoice with you the many accomplishments of our students throughout this year, especially those of our graduates. Your children will continue to be in my prayers throughout these summer months. I pray our Lord will keep them safe from harm and that their relationship with Christ will continue to grow.

The end of the year is an appropriate time to reflect back on the year and to consider the key highlights or accomplishments. Over the past eleven months, Mrs. Sedonna Prater, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, has been working diligently to draft a revised formal set of diocesan standards in Reading/English/Language Arts for all grade levels, Prekindergarten through Grade 12. Through a very focused and deliberate review and revision process, all reading/English teachers across the diocese have had the opportunity to provide recommendations into the final format for this set of standards. Teachers have drawn on their years of experience, their knowledge of students and their work with standards from the past and present to refine these revised standards so that it focuses on our comprehensive mission of human formation through a spiritual relationship with Christ and in pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness in all subject areas. Our vision for our students is to not only prepare them for college and career, but for life and more specifically a life of faith and action so they will ultimately be prepared for an eternal life with Christ. With this in mind, our revised diocesan standards for English/Language Arts reflect a classical approach to curricula, excellent literature, reason and ethics, and respect and dignity of the human person and the human experience. It also focuses on the necessary skills required to be truly literate in language through reading, writing, speaking and listening in the twenty-first century.

As the year draws to a close, there is still a great deal of controversy surrounding Common Core State Standards. I began the year with a letter concerning our approach to Common Core State Standards. The USCCB has issued a FAQ sheet concerning CCSS. Please click here to review this document.

This FAQ sheet aligns with the approach being taken in our own diocese. I want to conclude by reassuring you we will continue to establish revised diocesan standards for each subject area that reflects our mission and is steeped in academic excellence in the Catholic school tradition.

Have a safe and blessed summer! I look forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) back in August.

Because of Jesus,
Sister Mary Marta Abbott, R.S.M., Ed.S.
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
The Diocese of Knoxville
Living our Roman Catholic faith in East Tennessee
Catholic Schools Office

Beta Club

The vision of the Beta Club is to develop and nurture individuals by providing opportunities and experiences enabling them to demonstrate the ideals of character, achievement, service and leadership in a global community. This year, the St. Jude Beta Club will focus on service to our community both local and at large. Invitation to the St. Jude Beta Club for newly eligible members in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades will be forthcoming. 

Click here to link to The National Beta Club web site.