The St. Jude School Library contains nearly 12,000 books, magazines, and
audio-visual resources to support the school's curriculum for preschool
through eighth grade. Students attend library class weekly and are
encouraged to visit the library on their own as well. The library opens
thirty minutes before school begins and remains open thirty minutes after
school ends for students' convenience.

The library receives funding from the school book bill, the Scholastic
Book Fair, and the Library Birthday Club. Each student who contributes to
the Birthday Club receives a book at one of the twice-yearly Birthday Club
parties. A label is placed in the book to commemorate the student's gift
to the school library. After the student reads the book, it is placed in
the library for other students' enjoyment. Please consider donating gently
used books to the library - our students love new reading material.

Our automated system for the library can be accessed online at any time. With this system, one can search the library's catalog, peruse the titles of new books within the library, and view award-winning titles, to name just a few benefits. Library events will be posted from time to time, so please visit this webpage frequently.

Click here to access our Library online!   (

The Accelerated Reader program is available to students in grades two
through eight. Students read books represented in AR's online collection
of over 100,000 quizzes and take computer-based tests that measure reading
comprehension. Teachers assign a required number of AR points each quarter. At the end of each quarter, parents receive a list of the tests
their child has taken with the scores achieved, as well as the total
number of points their child earned for the quarter. This information is
also available online through Home Connect. Students in grades six through
eight may choose to complete quarterly reading logs as an alternative to
the AR program.

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