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We Are Mission Driven

Guided by God, St. Jude School strives to provide academic excellence in an environment that embraces the Catholic values of spirituality and service. 

The philosophy of St. Jude is to provide the students with a knowledge and love of God thus creating an atmosphere that offers the best opportunity for Catholic religious training and the best opportunity for a quality academic education.  The highest degree of academic excellence is the goal for each student.

St. Jude strives to instill values, to develop a sense of responsibility for the students toward society.  The school aims to develop students of sound character with healthy self concepts, capable of making a positive impact in the world.  Realizing that the primary educators of children are their parents, the faculty accepts their role of assisting parents in this critical duty and accepts the responsibility this brings.

A love of family life is emphasized as a value and its spread to the civic community, country, and world is encouraged.  Students are urged to seek truth always and base their lives upon it.