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Our Faith Sets Us Apart

Our ability to witness our Catholic identity in all we do and offer, sets us apart from other schools.  The faculty and students of St. Jude School experience the grace of the Catholic faith on a daily basis. The mission of this school is a constant reminder of why the school exists. To carry out this vision of the school, students are learning within a Christian environment where they begin each class with a prayer, attend Mass twice a week, participate in retreats and service projects, and treat other students with the kindness and respect that is constantly modeled by our faculty and staff. God is the ever-present teacher in the classroom and a model for all teachers and students in their lives; reminding them to embrace the Catholic values of our school and model them for all whom they come in contact with.


School Mass Schedule

  • Monday at 9:15 - 5th through 8th grades
  • Tuesday at 9:15 - 1st through 4th grades,  Kindergarten will attend the 2nd semester
  • Friday at 9:15 - All school Mass

Parents, family and friends are warmly invited and encouraged to celebrate Mass with our students on any day. Our All School Masses are often coordinated by a combination of classes and participants. Teachers let families know when their student(s) will be participating in Mass in a special way, ex. reading, singing, gift bearing.