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My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting the Tennessee Aquarium on March 22 while some of your students were there. We were driving from Michigan to a family wedding in Florida. As avid travelers, we have been in many situations at museums and other cultural sites where class field trips are taking place. Though we always enjoy being around young people and love their energy, as a rule, students can be a bit rowdy on field trips.
We were incredibly impressed with the behavior of your students. They were friendly, polite, thoughtful, respectful, curious, inclusive and supportive of each other, and a true reflection of the skills they are obviously learning at St. Jude’s.
Our compliments to the teachers present that day, as well, because the student behavior exhibited was a reflection of their guidance and supervision.
Bruce and both grew up with 12 years of Catholic education (many years ago!), so it’s especially nice to see the positive results continue in the lives of young people.
Jenny & Bruce Micinski