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We are - THE SAINTS!

Our Athletic program is comprised of a group of volunteer parents, friends, and teachers interested in exposing St. Jude's student athletes to the value of competition, sportsmanship, and commitment to team sports.  St. Jude School is a member of the Independent School Conference (ISC) and several recreational leagues.
From Belvoir Christian Academy:
We received a phone call from a parent at Belvoir Christian Academy.  We played the soccer team on November 5th.  He said he wanted to THANK our players, coaches, parents and all who were at the game for showing suchwonderful sportsmanship. We "exemplified" a great spirit.  BCA is not on the same playing level as St. Jude and we were helpful.  Making it more of a scrimmage. He wanted everyone to know how much BCA appreciated the hospitality and sportsmanship. 
From Hickory Valley Christian School:
Congratulations on a great win yesterday! I just wanted to share a sweet story from yesterday’s game. Apparently at one point a young lady from your team was given credit for a goal against us. She took it upon herself to go the refs and let them know that the ball had bounced off her elbow and she did not feel that it was a goal. I can’t tell you how impressed our parents were with her honesty, maturity, and good sportsmanship. Wins are always wonderful, but moments that show great character make such a lasting impression and reflect so well on your school and the values being taught!
Emma Veys, Head of School, Hickory Valley Christian School